Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, virtually all freight carried within the UK is moved under the terms and conditions of ‘The Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage’. This is a standard form of conditions which set out, in formal terms, the haulage contract including insurance liability. Remember; regardless of how much your freight is worth, the maximum level of standard cover is £1.30 per kg of lost/damaged freight or £1,300 per tonne. This is calculated against the weight of damaged or unsalvageable freight and is based upon cost value and not selling value. We can cover your goods for more; get in contact with our team for more information. We are also able to offer ‘blanket cover’ for all movements if you are a regular customer. Please contact your local depot for more information. The full Road Haulage Association Conditions of Carriage can be found on the customer login/portal page.

We understand the cost and inconvenience of having freight standing around, taking up space. Let us know your needs, and we will be able to store the majority of goods on a short term basis. Our networks also offer economy level services where your freight will be held at the delivering depot’s site until the day of delivery rolls around- this way you can be sure that it is as close as possible to your customer, ready for the day of delivery.
Just let us know your freight’s profile, and we can advise the most suitable type of vehicle and delivery method. See the above question ‘What if I do not need a whole trailer?’ For a brief understanding of vehicle capacity and size. Remember we are here to help!

Yes, within reason… We can move any freight which will fit within the bed space of the vehicle or trailer and not exceed its maximum laden weight. All of our variants of trailers and vehicles can come equipped with tail lifts – except the double deckers. Our Specialist Movements division can move anything which exceeds a standard trailer or vehicle; if you think it might be too long, wide, tall or heavy, then we can find a solution. They can also provide trailers with built-in lifting equipment, making it ‘one move made easy.’